Official 2016 Oscar Predictions

With the Oscar nomination announcement set for tomorrow morning, the time for speculation is over. Its time to put our cards on the table and see how good our predicting skills are. This has been my first awards season in which I (attempted) to do a weekly article (check out the “Oscars With Josh” series here) and it was interesting to see how everything has fallen into place leading up to the announcement tomorrow. Continue reading “Official 2016 Oscar Predictions”


Josh’s Top 10 Films of 2016

You guys know the drill.

2016 was a great year for film.

I’ve picked my favorite ten.

Let’s rank them.

Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading “Josh’s Top 10 Films of 2016”

Best of 2016 (Poll Results + Guest Contributors)

Though we have officially crossed into the new year, for movie fans we still live in the year that was from now until Oscar time. I wrote about how the internet is flooded with End-Of-Year lists (and how that’s a good thing) last week, and now its time for some lists of of our own here. I plan on writing my own Top 10 next week (just have a couple more 2016 films to catch up first), but fist we need to check out what YOU think are the best films of the year. Continue reading “Best of 2016 (Poll Results + Guest Contributors)”