About Tarpley Movie Talk

Tarpley Movie Talk has something to add to the conversation about movies. Whether it be discussing film news, reviewing indie flicks or blockbusters, creating fun top 10 lists, or even feeding into the hype of upcoming Oscar contenders, Tarpley Movie Talk (TMT) is the place to read about it! So whether you’re a Comic-Con fanboy or the internet’s foremost Oscar snob, this site is for you.

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About Josh

Josh is an aspiring film critic based in Lynchburg, VA. He’s a lover of all things film from the nerdy worlds of Marvel and Star Wars, all the way to the Oscar movies and heavy dramas. Josh is also a husband to an equally nerdy wife and has a beagle named Rhodey (after War Machine “Rhodey Rhodes”). It doesn’t get much nerdier than that.



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