Vote For The Best Movies of 2016

Alright folks, its that time of the year. Its time to come together and decide what we think the best films of the year are. I’m a big fan of Top 10 lists, I love seeing the mix of blockbusters, indies, fan favorites and those choices that make everybody do a double take.

Though I will be publishing my own personal Top 10, I wanted to turn to the people and see what we think as a group. As hard as it may be to rank your favorite movies (and as harder as it may be to submit this without having seen everything), please use the form below to list your Top 7 movies of the year.

Why seven? I don’t know, just felt right. Honestly, I’m going to take all of these responses and compile them together, trust me, there will be an absurd amount of films to sort through. So though it may be hard to narrow down this great year (for film anyways) to just seven  choices, have some fun with it! Be sure to think about your choices and how they are ranked, as each position in the list will be weighted accordingly.

The poll will be open until Friday, January 6th and the results will be tallied to make the internet’s DEFINITIVE Top 10 list.

Please be sure to share this with your friends as the more votes we receive the more fun this list will get. Also be sure to follow the blog over on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to see when the results are released on January 10th.


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