Some Thoughts On Grieving Celebrity Deaths (RIP Carrie)

Reacting to a celebrity’s death has always been a soft subject for me. On one hand, these are complete strangers, who cares if I’ve seen them in a movie, why should I care about their passing? On the other hand, whether it be passionate music or their portrayal of a fictional character or real life charitable work, sometimes this “complete stranger” can mean more to you than most friends and family.

As is the case with Carrie Fisher.

This isn’t going to be some long drawn out post, I don’t think I have it in me to write some super thoughtful post about death and how it relates to dumb sci-fi movies. Here is what I do know, of all the public figures we have lost recently, the passing of Fisher shook me the most. I know she was just an actor. I know that I’m actually feeling emotional due to my connection to a fictional character. But even with that in mind, it feels me with real sadness with the thought that she is gone.

Whenever we lose a famous musician, I understand why folks feel it deep. Melody and lyrics are a musician’s way of bearing their soul, and we connect our emotions to those very tunes. It makes sense to feel grief when we’ve lost someone who has awoken our emotions like that. It has always been harder for me to feel that common grief when it comes to actors.

My critical mind wants to say that it was the director or the screenwriter that is responsible for the characters I love, that the actor is just a face. That may be true for some, but with Fisher we have a woman who brought a feminine fierceness to the boys club that was Star Wars. We spent our childhoods (and adult life as well) with her presence, so yeah, it is ok to feel major grief over losing her.

I wanted to take some time to see how the larger film community lifted up the memory of Carrie, if there was ever a time to band together in positivity, it would be now:


RIP Carrie. Our thoughts and prayers are with the grieving family. May the force be with you.