What If My Twitter Feed Voted In the Oscars?

It is award season, and this year is a doozy. Unlike years in the past, where a consensus was built around one or maybe two movies, this year is very unpredictable. The good folks at Awards Daily, Awards Watch, or In Contention have been scratching their heads following the crazy Oscar year this is shaping up to be.

Mad Max: Fury Road kicked off the awards season by winning best film  from National Board of Review, while Spotlight has been deemed the front runner, while Sicario has come out of nowhere with various guild nominations, while Star Wars: The Force Awakens was retroactively added to the Critics Choice Awards, while The Big Short found itself being the only movie with a PGA/SAG/Editing Guild nomination (hint: people in the guilds crossover with people who vote in the Oscars), this year has been all over the place and it has been fun to watch.

If you couldn’t tell, this post is extremely nerdy and obsessive, but hey, if you’ve been reading this far we might as well go down the rabbit hole to get even more nerdier. I like following the Oscar race, I know it really doesn’t matter, film is subjective, right? But at the end of the day, it is fun grabbing onto a film and “rooting” for it in the awards season. This year looks to be a year where some geeky/genre films may make it to Oscar night (Mad Max: Fury Road, Ex Machina, and The Martian all received PGA nominations), and there have been some amazing dramas released this year as well.

All that being said, I did a little experiment this year, I wanted to see what would happen if my Twitter feed were the Oscar voters. Note, in addition to the Golden Globes and the various guilds, the main bulk of the “awards race” is made up of Critics groups. Usually the critics will differ from the Academy, hopefully the critics honor the great films that the Academy usually ignores (read: geeky/genre films).

But this list is different from the critics’ list, as sometimes there is even a consensus amongst critics, and all their awards start to look the same. What I did was compiled all the various “best of” lists from 35 critics/commentators/pundits/twitter folks and weighted their choices. Hopefully, in weighting people’s choices from their personal Top 10 lists, we could see a well-rounded “best of 2015.” Here’s how the math broke down:

  • Spot #5= 1 Point
  • Spot #4 = 1 Point
  • Spot #3 = 1 Point
  • Spot #2 = 2 Points
  • Spot #1 = 3 Points

No, I did not calculate the entire Top 10, only the Top 5. I gathered 35 individual lists, and only counting their Top 5 still meant that 44 films were in the running, my google doc chart was just getting too confusing to include the members’ entire Top 10. Below are the individuals included in my poll. Remember, they had to people I follow on Twitter. So while this may not be the most expansive list of critics and writers, I think it represents a pretty well-rounded view of the movie internet space. I’ve got writers for print and online publications, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and some folks I respect who just tweeted out their Top 5:


Ok, this is still pretty nerdy, are you still with me? Ok, good. So, after compiling all these fine folks’ Top 5 lists, weighing their choices, here are the results. If my Twitter feed determined the Academy Awards, our nominees for best picture would be the following (presented alphabetically):



I think that’s a great list and reflects the wide variety of film taste out there. There is a good balance between hardcore drama and populist blockbusters. One thing to notice is that two animated films are represented here, this is something you won’t see at the Oscars. For them, the animated films are relegated to the Best Animated Feature, while real people (read: my Twitter feed) have no probably praising a film no matter the medium it was created in.

For those wondering, the overwhelming winner of this poll was, of course,



So there you have it, a fun little experiment that sees an alternate universe where some of the stars of “Film Twitter” vote in the Academy Awards. Based on the PGA/Golden Globes/AFI nominations, I think the Oscars are going to have a good lineup this year (we’ll find out on January 14th). I’ll be releasing my Top 10 list sometime over the next week.

What do you guys think? Any movies included in my “Twitter Oscars” that surprised you? Let me know! Go ahead and click on the links above to read the individual’s lists and follow them on social media. As always, you can click here to follow me on Twitter.