Josh Has Joined the ‘Word of the Nerd’ Team

Hello Tarpley Movie Talk readers!

I hope you are having a good year. This summer has been good for movies (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Inside Out and Mad Max: Fury Road are my personal favorites so far) and I’m looking forward to the rest of 2015. As some of you know, it is a dream of mine to join the blogosphere in some official way with regards to movie blogging.

After reading movie blogs daily over the past five years (Slash FilmColliderCinemaBlendBirth.Movies.DeathThe DissolveScreenCrush) I finally jumped in the ring and started writing about movies. My wife Bethanne and I started the first blog in May of 2014. Mr. and Mrs. at the Movies was a lot of fun and great experience. I was writing a few times a week, Bethanne would post once a week and I even had some great guest contributors. I think my favorite article I wrote there was my review/look back on Rise of the Planet of the Apes. As I’ve attempted to grow with regards to film criticism I keep coming back to one point: I need to have something to say about a film, and once I have something to say I need to just say it. After 3 years of loving Rise of the Planet of the Apes I finally got around to writing about it and I think it is the best piece I wrote for Mr. and Mrs. at the Movies.



Back in September 2014 I started this site, Tarpley Movie Talk. There was a more singular focus at the start. I decided I would be the only one writing and the goal was primarily just movie reviews. Over the past few months my desire to be a more well-rounded writer has grown and (as you have seen) I have started beefing up my weekly writing.

I am happy to announce that my increased writing has paid off. I have officially joined the team at Word of the Nerd!

This is an amazing opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited. Word of the Nerd covers pretty much every aspect of nerd culture. They have editors/writers contributing pieces regarding comics, television, cosplay, books, music and movies. I have joined the team as a movie writer and will be posting there every week. I will be writing movie news and reviews (if I get to see a new release that week).

You can click here to read my first post for 'Word of the Nerd.' My review of INSIDE OUT (which is phenomenal btw).
You can click here to read my first post for ‘Word of the Nerd.’ My review of INSIDE OUT (which is phenomenal btw).

So what is the point of Tarpley Movie Talk moving forward? Don’t worry, I will still be posting from here. I can see my output here happening in two different forms. One, there may be articles that I feel are more appropriate to publish here (things like further IMDB 250 pieces). Second, I plan on doing a weekly post recapping all of my writing from Word of the Nerd. I hope this is the start of my freelance writing career, as I start to write for more outlets I plan on using this site as a place to keep track of all of my writing.

I’ll end this piece with a simple thought: THANK YOU! I would not be where I am today without you. Yes, it is fun to blog and write about movies. Honestly though, all writers need to have an audience and it is a lot more fun writing about movies knowing that somebody is reading it. So I say again, thank you to anybody that has read my writing at any of my outlets. Let’s keep on watching movies and lets keep on talking about them!


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