Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 1: The One-Shots

**With Avengers: Age of Ultron being released on May 1, it seemed appropriate to do a recap of the material released within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will be discussing the films, the one-shots, the TV shows and the future of Marvel. There will be a brief discussion on the type of media, a countdown of the entries released and a brief discussion of each entry.**

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been an amazing treat for hardcore fans and general audiences alike. The standard movie-going public has enjoyed both the spectacle and the heart that the movies have produced. The deeper fans have been catered to in the same way. The Marvel films are dense when it comes to easter eggs and shout outs.

In Iron Man 2 there is a map with Wakanda on it (the fictional African nation Black Panther comes from). In Guardians of the Galaxy the Collector’s vault has both Dark Elves (Thor: The Dark World) and Chitauri (The Avengers) trapped as prisoners. Agent Sitwell casually makes mention of Stephen Strange (who will become Doctor Strange) when being interrogated during Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is fun and a great way to show gratitude to a ravenous audience. Sadly though, there is just too much material in the comic books for every character to be represented on the screen. There are probably 30 films and tv shows being considered and yet there are still Marvel ideas that won’t find a place on the screen due to competition. This is where the One-Shot comes into play.

Much like a Pixar/Disney short that plays before each film, the One-Shots are short films that range from 3-15 minutes. They are set within the continuity of the Cinematic Universe and serve as a way to further explore characters introduced in the features. There have been five One-Shots and unfortunately it looks like we won’t be getting anymore. Most people aren’t even aware that these shorts have been produced. Since they have a lower budget, the One-Shots give us some fun insights into the human aspect of a superhero’s world.

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