‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer: What Worked and What Didn’t?

If you didn’t know, superhero/comic book films are the dominant trend in film nowadays. While there were a handful of films from the 60’s-90’s, the past decade has shown that audiences and filmmakers alike are in the business of bringing superheroes to the screen. In 2008, Marvel Studios launched what is now known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a risky venture that would see multiple films each featuring a different hero only to see them come together in a crossover event (The Avengers). Hollywood took notice.

Batman Begins, Green Lantern, Superman Returns, while all of these have been made under the DC Comics banner, they have all been individual franchises existing within their own world and their own continuity. That all changed with 2013’s Man of Steel. It’s not known whether or not Man of Steel was envisioned as the start of a DC Cinematic Universe. One this is certain, once the film was successful the entertainment company hit the ground running to get the universe created. First there was announcement that Batman would be joining Superman in the Man of Steel sequel, after that the full slate of DC movies was announced and now each week sees a new development in some DC property. The Justice League is coming, but first the mainstays of the team have to be established. And so we arrive at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While there was footage screened at Comic-Con 2014, this trailer marks the first official footage of the film. This is huge. Whatever your thoughts are on the trailer, the shot at the end is the first time two DC comics characters (of different franchises) have shared the screen together. While there have been fun fan-made trailers, this is the real deal, and DC is saying a lot with how their universe is going to feel and be different from Marvel’s. The film is going to be dark, and I mean really dark. I believe this is a smart decision, this element of darkness will separate the DC films from the other superhero films out there.

But is it too dark? I want to highlight 3 aspects of the film as portrayed in the trailer. Click below to read my thoughts on how darkness works for some character but not all.

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