Top 5 Antincipated Films of Summer 2015

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Hollywood’s trend over the last decade has been to make movies bigger, whether that be bigger stars, bigger action scenes or bigger budgets. All of this is with the expectation for bigger profits. Currently, every single “big” property has to come from an established i.p. of some kind, whether that be a TV show, a comic-book, a novel, a toy or past movies. This isn’t necessarily bad, I thought 2014 had tons of great movies and all of the big blockbuster titles were based on previous franchises. Just because something is an adaptation does not mean it is limited creatively.

All that being said, it is 2015; more importantly, it is almost Summer 2015. Taking a look at the upcoming release schedule is crazy. There are sequels to huge movies, reboots of older franchises, reboots of newer franchises and even some original material from huge studios. At one point, we thought that Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice were all going to be released Summer 2015. I am very relieved that each of those movies are spread out from one another, giving each of them room to breathe. Even with Star Wars and Batman out of the picture, Summer 2015 is still packed; pretty much every weekend will see the release (if not multiple releases) of a huge film expected to bring out the crowds.

I love the Summer movie season. I love the spectacle the films bring and the types of crowds I get to see movies with during the Summer season. There is a real excitement in the theater when you show up to the first screening of a huge blockbuster. Even if you’re not seeing a huge blockbuster, the vibe at the theater is that of fun and excitement.Although Cinderella won our hearts and Furious 7 is breaking tons of records, for the purpose of this list I’m considering Summer to be May-August.

What follows will be my most anticipated films of Summer 2015.

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